It is the first thing that hiring managers normally see:  A resume.

No matter what position you are applying for, whether entry-level or executive, you will need a resume that is eye-catching and presents your skills in an attractive way. This is the best way to stand out amidst a sea of your fellow applicants.   Because the resume plays such a vital role in the hiring process, you should entrust it to only the most professional service available.

Lone Star State Resumes fits this requirement.
Our talented resume writers are all Certified Professional Resume Writers, certified by The Professional Association of Resume Writers. A resume written by such a professional is guaranteed to catch the eye of those who are hiring, making it more likely that you will be granted the job. Results don’t lie:  Applicants using our resumes are 30-40% more likely to get the job they are applying for.

To ensure that you get these offers, our resumes use our knowledge of online parsing systems to tailor your skills to the job you are applying for. Because different industries require different skills, this is particularly important. For examples, see these resumes: